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Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)

The Ministry of Education provides financial assistance to needy Singapore Citizens so that all Singaporeans, regardless of their financial background, can benefit from the best opportunities in education. It also provides subsidy for school fees to Singapore Citizen students from lower and middle income families.

For more information, please refer to this Link 

Income Limits

A student is eligible for MOE FAS if he or she meets either of the following criteria:

Income Limits.JPG

The introduction of PCI will enable students from larger families to benefit from financial assistance. PCI is computed by dividing the gross household income by the number of members in the household.


Academic Level


School Fees

Full waiver of $5.00 per month

Standard Miscellaneous Fees

Full waiver of $10.00 per month


Free textbooks

School Attire

Free school attire


Not applicable


Student taking public transport:

$180 transport credit

Benefits Under Scheme

Please refer to the Table below for the benefits under MOE FAS. (please refer to this link for more updated figures)

School Meals Programme

Students in secondary schools on the MOE FAS will receive subsidies for ten meals respectively per school week. Those in secondary schools will receive subsidies of $2.90 per meal. Application for meal subsidies is not required for 10 meals per school week.

On-line submission of forms